Bridge Lessons

Bridge Lessons

Spokane & Spokane Valley


Doyle Crook  - or (509) 590-6122

Doyle is an accredited ACBL Bridge Teacher and does individual, partnership or groups of four player lessons. He is starting a class at Corbin Senior Activities Center on April 20th entitled Bidding in the 21st Century and is currently teaching Play of the Hand in the 21st Century at SYSO Bingo Bldg. His courses are written by acclaimed author and bridge teacher, Audrey Grant.

Lea Rogers - or (509) 468-1914

Now teaching: Defense - 50% of Your Game 

Communicating with your partner:  Leads against NT and Suits, 3rd Hand, Signal against NT and Suits, more

Mondays, 2-4 pm and Tuesdays, 6-8 pm


Brenda Simpson – or (509) 926-6973

Accredited Master Teacher, ABTA

Fall classes start Sept 14 for 8 weeks. 

Monday @ Valley Senior Center 9:30-11-30—  Beginners Class –Bidding “Club Series”

Monday @ VFW 300 W Mission

12:30-2:30—--“Cue Bids in A Nutshell” by Dee Berry

Tuesday Evening: 11725 E. Glenview Circle

6:00-8:00 —Beginners Class—“Club Series”—Bidding

For brand new players or those who want a refresher

Wednesday@ E 2030 Sprague (Bingo Building-east end) 9:30-10:30Eddie Kanter’s Mini Lessons 

Thursday @Valley Senior Center 9:30-11:30—Beginners II- Review of Bidding and Play of the Hand by author Barbara Seagram

Friday @ Valley Senior Center 9:30-11:30—Intermediate course “Commonly Used Conventions”-with text by Audrey Grant 

Lewiston, ID        

Karen Eveland (208) 798-3092 


Pullman WA

 Pete Pluhta  -   (509) 334-3245 

Online Bridge lessons

Cindy Chase -

Cindy does individual, partnership or groups of four player lessons that are tailored to the needs of the players on line through the Bridge Base Online bridge site. The focus is play of the hand, defensive strategies and conventions. Lessons last 90 minutes to 2 hours. Students can be at any level.