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Spokane UNIT GAME Trophy Races


This award is given to I/N (Intermediate/Novice) players of Unit games of Spokane Unit 448, in memory of Robin Brineman, a Spokane teenager I/N player during the 1990’s.


2014 Robin Brineman Memorial Trophy 50+ MPs

Susan Norton




20-50 MPs


William Norton




0-20 MpsNorton, Susan


Mary Ellen Laughary

Gloria Sawyer









This award is given annually to the players who score the most points in Unit games of Spokane Unit 448. It is in memory of Kris Motoyoshi, who played, directed and taught bridge in Spokane from 1980s to 2010.









Over 1000 MPs


Lea Rogers


300-1000 MPs


Christina Gallotti




50-300 MPs


Barbara Womack




0-50 MPs

Susan Marano