Facts About Spokane

 Spokane, Washington

Near Nature, Near Perfect

It’s hard to imagine that one city can really have it all, but when it comes to Spokane , it’s true.  Spokane has a unique combination of outdoor adventures, family-friendly attractions, world-class restaurants and wineries, and an incredibly vibrant downtown.




Riverfront Park :     Riverfront Park is the site of the 1974 Expo (World’s Fair).  It has the waterfalls that attracted people to this area in the first place.   It’s a beautiful park with a beautiful clock tower (once part of a 1902 Great Northern train depot). 


And on Labor Day week end, it’s the site of every food lover’s delight:  Pigout in the Park, where there are numerous food booths to satisfy every culinary wish.   And while you eat, you’re serenaded by various local bands.


World-class Restaurants:  Within walking distance of Riverfront Park there are many fine restaurants, including Clinkerdagger, Anthony’s at the Falls, Milford Fish House, Saranac, Churchill’s Steakhouse, Sante, and many more.

For more information on Spokane eatery try Trip Advisor which allow you to pick your favorite culinary taste but also a restaurant that matches your budget. Don't forget to ask local players for their recommendations.


Wineries, Breweries and Distilleries :   There are 21 wineries (and counting) in Spokane that produce award-winning wines. Plus there are a wide variety of breweries and distilleries.


Walking (or Driving) Tour of   Spokane :    Spokane has an incredible architectural history, whether walking or driving.  Ask our tournament chair or one of the board members for a brochure on historic Spokane .


Museum of Arts and Culture:  Just two miles away from our bridge venue, in a beautiful, historic residential area is a museum truly worth a visit.   It not only has art, but it has intriguing displays on local Native American life and other aspects of daily living.



Where to Stay:

Of course if you are playing in a Spokane tournament, the most convenient place to stay is the Comfort Inn.

But if you would like other options or are planning to extend your stay to enjoy the area, here is a link that features: