Disciplinary Complaint


March 20, 2009

If you wish to file a complaint against a fellow player because of that person’s conduct (behavior) or ethics (primarily cheating), this article will tell you how to proceed.  But first a note about Unit 448’s jurisdiction.

Unit 448 is committed to ACBL’s zero-tolerance policy with respect to conduct and ethics at bridge games.  The Unit’s authority extends to conduct and ethics at Unit games and regional and sectional tournaments and to ethics at Club games within its geographical area.  The Unit has no jurisdiction over conduct at Club games; that is the province of the Club directors.

If you object to a fellow player’s conduct or ethics, you should first call the director and explain the situation to him/her.

If the director’s decision does not resolve the issue for you (or if for some reason you did not call the director) and you wish to have the alleged violator disciplined, within 30 calendar days of the alleged infraction you must file a written complaint with the Unit President (the 2010 Unit President is Ron Krueger).   Should the Unit President be currently unavailable, you may file your complaint with the Unit’s Disciplinary Chair (the 2010 Disciplinary Chair is Norma Hols).

Your written complaint must contain full information (a form will be given you upon request), and you must indicate your willingness to attend the disciplinary hearing.

There is an expedited procedure for resolving disciplinary and ethical complaints at sectionals and regionals—since it is desirable to resolve such complaints before the director in charge leaves town.  Therefore, the requirement to file the complaint in writing is waived; simply informally, and as soon as possible, contact the Unit President (or the Disciplinary Chair in the President’s absence) and a committee will be formed while the director in charge is still readily accessible.

If you object to a fellow player’s conduct or ethics but you just want that player “educated” as opposed to disciplined, you must still file a written complaint and give it to the Unit President.  If the President is currently unavailable, you should give your complaint to the Unit Recorder (the 2010 Unit Recorder is Jackie Biel).  The Recorder does not have authority to discipline anyone, to call a disciplinary hearing, or to sit on a disciplinary hearing.   The Recorder’s duty is to give “education” to the offender, where deemed appropriate.

Once discipline has been assessed or education given, the Recorder will keep all records in a confidential manner.

If you wish a copy of the Unit’s discipline policy or a complaint form, you may ask the Unit President, the Disciplinary Chair, the Recorder, or the Unit Secretary.  If you have any question concerning the discipline policy, you may ask the Unit President, the Disciplinary Chair, the Game Director, or the Recorder.

 ACBL Code of Disciplinary Regulations

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